4810 Family
A cutting-edge family

If you are passionate about the history of mountaineering and climbing, you will almost certainly have heard of our family: the Grivels of Courmayeur.

Our history has been linked to the mountains for over two centuries and today, as in the past, we dedicate our efforts to designing and manufacturing high-performance climbing equipment.

Do you know who designed the first pair of 10-pointed crampons? It was our forefather, Henry Grivel. Thanks to him, the climbing techniques changed radically.

After founding the famous Grivel workshop in Dolonne, he was joined by his children Laurent, Camille and Aimée, who shared his love for the mountains and for climbing.

4810 Courmayeur is the shop for mountain-lovers

The mountains are our element and the Aosta Valley is our land.

Our name has been closely linked to mountaineering endeavours for more than a century, particularly in Courmayeur with its mountains, glaciers and the Mont Blanc.

This is why we decided to create several activities in the Valle d’Aosta area, in particular the 4810 sports shop in Via Roma, in the very heart of the city, the 4810 outlet department where you can always find the right deal to get the most out of your mountain experience, and the 4810 Rental in Dolonne which is a shop, rental service, and… food station all in one, right near the cable car of the Courmayeur slopes.

Why 4810?

Our family’s activities have always been deeply rooted in the territory, so we chose to call the shop “4810” in honor of one of the highest peaks in Europe which is a symbol of the Aosta Valley: the Mont Blanc.

Walter, Camille’s son, was the first to open its doors to the public and now our tradition lives on thanks to his sons Enrico and André.

What will the future bring? In the future, the entire tradition and passion of the Grivel family will be handed down to their sons Laurent, Thomas, and Joseph.

4810 Courmayeur: a force called family